My Come Back To Home

  • IMG_20171213_224020I’m really excited to write about my come back to my home after many days. It was an unexpected journey to my home due to some strike in my college. So this is my 17 day in my home. I really missed my mom’s food ofcourse my family. As usually my parents found me weak like I’m not eating properly. I visited my grandfather’s house . And I love the vegetarian food which my ammama cooks. I think there is some magic in her hands. Upto now I watched two films , and I loved the both. And I feel very good meeting my relatives in these last few days.


    And this time I tried cooking. And believe it was so fun. My mom was surprised to see me cooking. As I love sweets , I did bread halwa and it also tastes good  luckily. And after coming from hostel I changed a lot like cooking. And it’s being very scary when I think I need to go back to hostel leaving my parents , but I know it’s for my future only. My sister and I’m are planning to watch a series. Actually my sister watches many series , so she is suggesting me some. I’m thinking of friends. I watched a few episodes only , and I’m planning to see some more.


    I rarely watch cricket but today I watched the match to some extent. And Rohit Sharma hits double century. It’s a proud moment for indians. And my favourite cricketer is MS Dhoni. I like him very much as a person. And I hope I make many memories in these holidays with my near and dear.